Monday, 3 October 2016

5 Home DIY Projects You Need to See

That's right-- 5. Not 27. Not 13. This post it about quality over quantity in a link-based article.

Without further adieu, may I present to you,

 5 DIY Projects You Need to See...

1]Pocketful of Posie's Secret to Perfectly Striped Drawers

Can you even..?
Not only is this DIY something I've never seen before, it's executed perfectly.

2] Julie Blanner's Faux Stainless Steel Appliance Upgrade

This appliance started out all black, but for $5 it was upgraded to this:

3] A Beautiful Mess' Lucite Towel Bar DIY

Absolutely stunning, and I've definitely never seen anything like it before

4] The Merry Thought's DIY Pegboard Organizer

While this may be a bit of a harder DIY project, its result is incredible

5] Alice and Lois' DIY No Sew Rope Basket

Image result for basket with leather handle

 Simple, yet  beautiful. 

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