Tuesday, 27 September 2016

DIY Painted and Découpaged Shelf

     This shelf used to a plain, dated, unfinished pine. I found it sitting around in our basement and was going to donate it, but decided I should try my hand at modernizing it.
So I got to work- sanding the surface by hand with sandpaper, ***varnishing all the knots so that they don't bleed through, and priming and painting it in Para melamine furniture paint white (on hand). 

      I actually used acrylic black paint (on hand) on the pegs and then coated them in a clear spray paint finish (as acrylic is water soluble). I then created a collage in a black and white theme, using old fashion magazines I had laying around. I used a glue stick to lay all the images down, then applied a thin layer of Tacky Glue evenly spread across (use something like a popsicle stick, whatever's on hand). It will look solid white but I PROMISE it dries clear so long as you don't coat too thick.

As for the decor on top:
The images I found on Pinterest and Google: I couldn't find the original photographers of either photo (and I want to give credit so let me know if you find them!) All I can do is say the largest copy of the left photo is here, and the same for the right photo. The frames are from Dollarama and I made custom matts for the photos with scrapbooking paper and an x-acto knife. Its a pretty self explanatory process- just do your measurements on cut the paper with a few layers of cardboard underneath .

The perfume bottles are inexpensive: the blue one is actually Britney Spears' Curious, and the other two are Antique pink depression glass perfume bottles that actually came in a set of three....AT VALUE VILLAGE...for $10 total. 

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