Monday, 19 September 2016

DIY Vintage Mid-Century Modern Style Nightstand

A Furniture Makeover!

I desperately needed a new nightstand (bedside table, whatever you'd like to call it), so I scoured Kijiji* constantly, with filters on price because of a small budget. I ended up finding this beautiful little diamond in the rough- a mid-century modern looking piece, incredibly well made but with a dated dark laminate finish with solid wood legs for $20. Cute with a hint of ew.
             *if you're American, Kijiji is like Craigslist, if you're from the UK, Kijiji is like GumTree... If you're from none of the above, I'd love to know what similar resell websites are in your part of the globe!

I decided to paint it a nice, solid, clean white, so I got to work cleaning out the unit. 
I used sunlight and water to wipe it down, vacuumed out the drawers, and placed bounce sheets in the drawers for a few days to give them an extra fresh smell. It was my first time trying this out and I DEFINITELY recommend. My drawers didn't even really smell of anything, but it just adds to the feeling of them being clean and new.

     I then took off the hardware and sanded the unit down by hand with sandpaper. I regret not doing it a little more, but hindsight is 20/20.While typically I would recommend doing this kind of thing outside, I ended up working with it in my basement on a piece of cardboard given the weather wasn't cooperating. Make sure to clean off any residue after sanding. I then used a generic Para paints primer, Para paints melamine furniture paint in white, a Dollarama small foam roller (I actually like them best!) and set of paint brushes (the rainbow set-I love them and they always have them with the crafts!) to paint the unit. 

    I kept the hardware as I really liked the shape and style, and they were so vintage that they were made in Canada- cool, right? I spray painted them with Krylon's copper spray paint, and while I've only ever tried this brand I'm really happy with it. Don't forget to shake your can as much as possible before applying, people underestimate how separated the paint can be....(people=me). 
I also decided to spray paint the legs. Most true vintage wood legs are actually removable- they sit affixed to the bottom metal pieces like giant screws. I also added felt sticker pads to the bottom when I put them back on to prevent scratching my wood floors. Obsessed with doing that now. 
I lined the drawers with marble contact paper also from Dollarama. I bought an absolute ton of it and I love it, even wrapped my shelves in it. 

For now, I really like the look of an Ikea Ljuda black and white striped placemat on top. I'm really happy with the way this turned out :)
...and After!!!

My lamp is from BouClair, and yes I have a candle obsession. While I do love my Bath and Body Works candles I must say if you're ever in a Dollarama (sorry international folks) you should smell the red candle in a mini mason jar (pictured above on the copper candleholder)- it's apple cinnamon and it's one of my favourites, I buy it constantly.

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