Saturday, 15 October 2016

Green Mango Smoothie Recipe + My Favourite Smoothie Ingredients

Because I know not everyone has the same taste in healthy smoothies, I decided to separate this post into 2 sections: a recipe, as well as a list of smoothie ingredients I love and why. This way you can re-mix and match these ideas with what you already like to create even more great smoothies.

My Favourite Smoothie Ingredients

  1. FROZEN. MANGO. Hands down my favourite ingredient. The cheapest for me seems to be from Costco if you live in North America! Its so flavourful, filling, and thick.
  2. Ice Cubes. So underrated, they give a better texture to your smoothie and make it seem like it's more filling without the calories
  3. Water! I find I can get myself to drink a lot more water if I use it as the main base of my smoothie. I used to add juices and then realized the amount of calories I was concocting together was insane. I also love coconut water as far as its natural qualities of replenishing electrolytes (yasss, natural Gatorade),  but I don't think its necessarily something I haaave to have on hand all the time.
  4. Frozen strawberries- I find they also help keep smoothies thicker when frozen as opposed to fresh. They pack a stronger flavour than mango so they're great for covering up other tastes of healthy things you don't necessarily love.
  5. Rolled oats-- they help keep you feeling full longer and help balance your blood sugar level out. I don't know why they're not in more recipes, it may seem like a strange concept but you don't really taste them so long as youre not adding too much.
  6. Chia seeds! I was afraid of adding these to my smoothies for so long because I thought it would add a granular texture but IT DOESN'T! Chia seeds absorb water and help keep the smoothie a thicker consistency, so yummy! Not to mention they're so good for you (although you shouldn't poor in too much).
  7. Baby spinach- such a good way of adding greens without really changing the taste
  8. Dandelion greens- add a bit more of a fresh taste to your smoothie
  9. Vegetable green powders- (Progressive VegeGreens etc.) an easy way to add that extra vegetable intake to your day, especially if you don't have produce on hand. It cannn alter the taste in a negative way, but it's honestly not as bad as I expected at all. I used to make fun of someone I knew for taking this, and now I feel like an idiot.
  10. Kale, especially frozen! Like dandelion greens, add a bit more of a fresh taste to your smoothie. You don't need as much because kale is so much more dense.

Green Mango Smoothie Recipe
  • 2 cups of cold water
  • ~1 cup ice
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen mango
  • ~2 tbsp. chia seeds 
  • a dash of oats (~1/4 cup)
  • (optional) protein powder of choice (my favourite is currently Body Fortress Whey Protein in Vanilla)
  • greens of choice- lately I've been opting for a large handful of baby spinach

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