Thursday, 3 November 2016

Re-Upholstered Mid Century Modern Chairs from Thriftstores!


and After!!!

I found this mid-century modern looking chair in Goodwill one day..FOR $5. The bones were incredible, the price irresistible. I needed a new makeup vanity chair (the bench that came with it as a set was horrendous rattan that I just couldn't deal with it) and felt this would be perfect with a little TLC.I already thought this find was amazing...but when I got it home it got even better. First I discovered that it had a removable seat for hidden storage, YASSS. Then I noticed underside of the removable seat had a branding tag on it, "Ebena Lasalle Quebec" was legible. ...I'll come back to that later. When I began removing the previous upholstery I realized the part of the wrapping was actually 1960s Vachon apple strudel packaging that had been recycled for this purpose, how can you not love that?! So much Canadian Heritage in one piece.

I reupholstered it using Ikea's PS 2014 fabric (which is sadly no longer available...*moment of silence for the loss of this great design*) and I think it turned out beautifully.

Just when I thought my luck couldn't possibly couldn't get any better, IT DID. In two ways:

the second chair all reupholstered!

1. I found a SECOND identical chair at a Value Village for $5, which I've now reupholstered to match so I have an adorable matching set! For now I'm just storing the other one, but I hope to keep them for a long time. 

 2. After a bunch of research I found out Ebena LaSalle was a prominent mid century modern furniture company out of Montreal, Quebec. They manufactured some incredible pieces, particularly in the 60s, which you can see in a google image search of Ebena LaSalle.  

The chairs I picked up are likely Walnut and are incredibly well made and may actually be worth a bit...
I found these chairs (see left) on ebay going for quite a pretty penny, and they in general do seem to from the records of auction houses I could find.
But I have no intention to sell mine, and I love them whether they're worth a lot or not!

One last look...

and After!!!

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